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Eniola Anuoluwapo Soyemi

Eniola Anuoluwapo Soyemi

Research Associate, Department of Politics and International Relations

Ẹniọlá Ànúolúwapọ́ Ṣóyẹmí holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Boston University and an MSc. in International Public Policy from University College London. She is a Research Associate in the Department of Politics and International Relations and at the Centre for International Studies. Previously, she was a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute. While at Oxford, she will be working on the Costs of War Project in collaboration with Professor Neta Crawford. She is on the editorial board of Politikon Magazine. She is co-founder of Sabi Insight and the Intergenerational Alliance.

Her current research falls into two main streams: in contemporary and critical political theory, she works on advancing conceptual and normative analysis of key concepts within political theory by paying attention to the novel intellectual contributions of African thinkers of both the contemporary and early modern period in African history. Her recent work advances the intellectual and normative contributions of Kwasi Wiredu and Emmanuel Chukwudi Eze in generating new normative understandings and reforming established analysis within theories of consensual and deliberative democracy. Second, she focuses on colonial and post-colonial legal history, particularly of African countries, in advancing and reformulating conceptual understanding and normative analysis in analytical jurisprudence.  Much of her work also contributes to advancing the use of cross-disciplinary methodologies in political theory. In this regard, she is especially interested in the beneficial and explorative uses of empirical case study analysis and social science experiments within normative theorising.

Research Interests

Dr Ṣóyẹmí's research interests are in Political, Moral, and Legal Theory, Contemporary African Political Thought and Intellectual History, Post-colonial legal history and theory, and in analytical jurisprudence. She is also interested in Cross-disciplinary and Experimental Research Methods.


Book Chapter: “Deliberation, Dependence, and Freedom,” in The Routledge Handbook of African Political Philosophy, ed. Uchenna Okeja (forthcoming, London: Routledge, May 2022).


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