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Anne Wolf

Anne Wolf

(DPhil (Oxon))

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
All Souls College

Research Interests

  • The Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
  • Authoritarianism
  • Political Islam
  • Arab uprisings
  • Contentious politics
  • Revolutions


  • Political Islam in Tunisia: The History of Ennahda, NY: Oxford University Press, 2017
  • A Wolf, ‘“Dégage RCD!” Regime breakdown and the rise of internal dissent in Ben Ali's Constitutional Democratic Rally Party, Mediterranean Politics, 2018, 23(2): 245-264 (Journal Impact Factor: 1.136)
  • A Wolf, ‘Secular political expressions of Islam in Tunisia: the RCD and Nidaa Tounes’, in Hendrik Kraetzschmar and Paola Rivetti (eds.), Islamists and the Politics of the Arab Uprisings: Governance, Pluralisation and Contention, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2017
  • A Wolf, ‘What are “secular” parties in the Maghreb? Comparing Tunisia’s Nidaa Tounes and Morocco's PAM’, in Francesco Cavatorta and Lise Storm (eds.), Political Parties in the Arab World, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2017
  • A Wolf, ‘The Islamist politics of exile: Tunisia's al-Nahda in France and the UK (1989-2011)’, in Paul Anderson and Julian Hargreaves (eds.), Muslims in the UK and Europe, Cambridge: University of Cambridge Centre of Islamic Studies, 2017
  • A Wolf, ‘Revolution under threat: the challenges of the “Tunisian Model”’, The Journal of North African Studies, 2013, 17(3): 559-563 (with Dr. Raphael Lefèvre)