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Daniel Butt

Daniel Butt

(MA, MPhil, DPhil Oxon)

Associate Professor of Political Theory, and Fellow and Tutor in Politics, Balliol College
Political Theory
Balliol College

Associate Professor in Political Theory, Department of Politics and International Relations.
Fellow and Tutor in Political Theory, Balliol College.

Research Interests

Theories of distributive and rectificatory justice, with particular reference to historical injustice and international politics; colonialism; egalitarianism; the ethics of cultural property; environmental ethics; judicial politics and the philosophy of law. More details at http://users.ox.ac.uk/~wadh1010/

Political Theory Equality International law International ethics and global justice


Undergraduate:Introduction to Politics: The Theory and Practice of Democracy; Theory of Politics; Advanced Paper in Theories of Justice; History of Political Thought: Plato to Rousseau

Graduate:Theory of Politics;Ethics; Mitigating Historical Injustice




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  • (with Matthew Butt) “The mathematics of juries”, Counsel, forthcoming.

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The following reports were written for the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society in Oxford.