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Zofia Stemplowska

Zofia Stemplowska

(BA, MPhil, DPhil)

Professor of Political Theory, Asa Briggs Fellow, Worcester College
Political Theory
01865 288331
Worcester College
Office Address:
Worcester College, Oxford OX1 2HB

I joined Oxford in September 2012 from Warwick where I was Associate Professor of Political Theory. Before that I was Lecturer in Political Theory at Reading, Lecturer in Political Philosophy at Manchester and a Barbara McCoy Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University.

Curriculum vitae: Download Cv 13 March 2018 (181.7KB)

Research Interests

I am mostly interested in the problem of what people owe to each other as a matter of domestic, global and historical (post war) justice. I am also interested in the debate about ideal and nonideal theory: the problem of how to make theories of justice relevant to urgent, real world problems while avoiding ad hoc theorizing and defeatism.

Research keywords: contemporary political philosophy, global justice, distributive justice, historical injustice, egalitarianism, responsibility and luck, collective responsibility, jus post bellum, ideal and nonideal theory

Political Theory Human rights Equality Identity International ethics and global justice Refugees and migration Rights and justice


Undergraduate: tutorials in Political Theory (Prelims and the core Honours paper) and further optional history of political theory papers.

Graduate: optional M.Phil Mitigating Historical Injustice class; core M.Phil/M.Sc Reasoning in Political Philosophy class; core M.Phil/M.Sc Political Theory class.



Responsibility and Distributive Justice (edited with Carl Knight), Oxford University Press, 2011

Articles and chapters:

‘Should I Be Proud of Liberalism with Excellence? On the Collective Grounds of Self-Respect’, American Journal of Jurisprudence, forthcoming

‘Remembering War’, Journal of Applied Philosophy, forthcoming

‘How Generous Should Egalitarians Be?’, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, forthcoming

‘Should Coercive Neurointerventions Target the Victims of Wrongdoing?’, in David Birks and Tom Douglas (eds.), Treatment for Crime, Oxford University Press, forthcoming

‘Dethroning Democratic Legitimacy’ (with Adam Swift), Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy 4 (2017): 3- 27

'Feasibility: Individual and Collective', Social Philosophy & Policy 33 (2016): 273-291

‘The Duty To Do More Than One’s Fair Share’, CRISPP, 19 (2016): 591-608

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'On Frank Knight's "Freedom as Fact and Criterion"' (with Ben Jackson), Ethics 125 (2015): 552-554 [one of the short anniversary pieces]

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‘Responsibility and Respect’, Responsibility and Distributive Justice, Oxford University Press, 2011, 115-35 [but I wish I had called it 'Three Models of Responsibility Sensitive Egalitarianism']

‘On the Real World Duties Imposed on Us by Human Rights’, Journal of Social Philosophy 40 (2009): 466-87

‘Making Justice Sensitive to Responsibility’, Political Studies 57 (2009): 237-59

‘What’s Ideal About Ideal Theory?’,Social Theory and Practice 34 (2008): 319-40. Re-printed in Tom D. Campbell and Alejandra Mancilla (eds), Theories of Justice, Ashgate, 2012

‘Worth the Paper It's Written On: A Comment on Carole Pateman and Charles W. Mills's Contract and Domination’, Journal of Political Ideologies 13 (2008): 228-33

'Holding People Responsible for What They Do Not Control', Politics, Philosophy & Economics 7 (2008): 355-77

Some working papers:

'Justice and Legitimacy' (with Adam Swift)

'The Descendants: Changing Identity to Mitigate Injustice'

'The Duty to Remember'

Some other items:

‘A Little Town in Poland: on The Crime and The Silence by Anna Bikont', Times Literary Supplement, 15 April 2016

'Polin: A Wish to Be Remembered', Times Literary Supplement, 21 November 2014

'Dressing for History: on Warsaw Boy by Andrew Borowiec', Times Literary Supplement, 14 November 2014

'Introduction' (with Miriam Ronzoni), Symposium on G. A. Cohen's Socialism, Politics, Philosophy and Economics 13 (2014): 117-118

‘What Did the Poles Do? Jan T. Gross and the Understanding of a Nation’, Times Literary Supplement, 11 June 2012

‘Introduction’ (with Kimberley Brownlee), Symposium on Joseph Raz on Value, Reasons, and Respect, Ethics 120 (2010): 209-211

‘Ronald Dworkin’, in D. Brack and E. Randall (eds), Dictionary of Liberal Thought, Politico’s Publishing, 2007, 97-99

Selected professional activities

Director of the Centre for the Study of Social Justice

Political Theory Research Coordinator

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Subject co-Editor (Social and Political Philosophy)