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Raymond Duch

Raymond Duch


Director of Centre for Experimental Social Sciences, Fellow of Nuffield College
Comparative Politics and Government, Research Methods
01865 278515
Nuffield College

Raymond Duch is an Official Fellow at Nuffield College, University of Oxford, and the Director of the Nuffield Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS), which currently has centres in Oxford, Santiago (Chile) and Pune (India). Prior to assuming these positions he was the Senator Don Henderson Scholar in Political Science at the University of Houston. He is currently the Long Term Visiting Professor at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Toulouse School of Economics, a Director of the European Political Science Association, and Vice-President of the Midwest Political Science Association. He is a member of the UK Cabinet Office Cross-Whitehall Trial Advice Panel to offer Whitehall departments technical support in designing and implementing controlled experiments to assess policy effectiveness. Professor Duch’s research focuses on responsibility attribution, incorporating elements of theory, experiments and analysis of public opinion. In 2008 he published an award-winning book, The Economic Vote, that demonstrates that citizens hold political parties accountable for economic outcomes. His experiments have identified the information shortcuts that individuals deploy for responsibility attribution. More recently, Professor Duch has conducted experimental research into cheating, exploring its implications for tax compliance, corruption and economic performance. Professor Duch has conducted lab, field and online experiments throughout the world He lectures and also publishes on experimental methods. His research appears in the leading political science and economic journals. He is the founder of Behavioural Analytics that advises public and private clients.


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