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Andrew Hurrell

Andrew Hurrell

(MA MPhil DPhil)

Montague Burton Professor of International Relations, Balliol College
(01865) 278578
Balliol College

Andrew Hurrell is Montague Burton Professor of International Relations at Oxford University and a Fellow of Balliol College. He was elected to the British Academy in 2011 and to the Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars in 2010. He is a Delegate of Oxford University Press and a member of the Finance Committee (the board of the company).

His book, On Global Order. Power, Values and the Constitution of International Society (published by Oxford University Press) was the winner of International Studies Association Prize for Best Book in the field of International Relations in 2009. Other publications include: (with Ngaire Woods), Inequality, Globalization and World Politics (1999); and (with Louise Fawcett), Regionalism in World Politics (1995).

He was named in the 2011 Teaching, Research, and International Policy (TRIP) survey as one of top twenty academics to have made the most influential contribution to IR over the previous five years, and was one of only two non-US based academics in that group. He is Member of the Long Range Planning Committee of the International Studies Association.


His research interests cover theories of international relations; theories of global governance; the history of thought on international relations; comparative regionalism; and the international relations of the Americas, with particular reference to Brazil.

His current work focuses on emerging powers and the globalization of international society and what this means for ideas and practices of global order, for IR theory, and for international normative theory. Collaborative projects include concerts of power in the 21st century; provincializing Westphalia; and ASEAN integration through law. He is also completing a short introduction to global governance.


Graduate courses: the international relations of the developing and post-colonial world; foundations of the modern international system; classical theories of international relations; topics in advanced IR theory; international relations research colloquium; the function of law in the international community.

He has supervised over 40 doctoral students since 1989, many of whom have gone to academic careers in leading research universities.

Memberships and Associations

  1. Co-editor OUP Series on Law and Global Governance, with Benedict Kingsbury and Richard Stewart.
  2. Editorial boards: Political Studies; Global Environmental Politics; European Journal of International Relations; International Affairs; Carta Internacional; International Relations; Brazilian Political Science Review; Contexto Internaciona; Foro Internacional (Mexico); Journal of Latin American Studies; Global Governance.
  3. Academic Committee, Institute for Global and Area Studies, Hamburg.
  4. Advisory Board, CEBRI Brazilian Council of Foreign Relations, Rio de Janeiro.
  5. Trustee, Gilbert Murray Trust, London.
  6. Academic advisory board, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies.
  7. Advisory board, International Development Centre, Oxford.
  8. President, Oxford United Nations Association.


Current research, papers and projects

Global Governance. A Very Short Introduction(OUP).

Provincializing Westphalia and the Globalization of International Society. This involves papers and lectures on The BRICs and Beyond: IR Theory in a Global Age; and an introduction to a new edition of Bull and Watson eds., The Expansion of International Society (forthcoming with OUP).

Papers connected with Frankfurt-based collaborative project on Concerts of Power in the 21st Century: (a) (with Adam Humphreys) Soft theory, ideal types and the theory/history relationship; (b) (with Nicola Horsburgh) Concerts of power and the global nuclear order.

Conceptual paper for ASEAN Legal Integration project, NYU Law School, Singapore with Yeo Lay Hwee.

Emerging Powers, Inequality and the Global Legal Order (with Mihaela Papa), chapter for the Oxford Handbook on International Legal Theory.

One of the lead-partners for Marie Curie Initial Training Network. PRIMO Power and Region in a Multipolar Order. This is a European Commission funded doctoral training network that involves universities in Germany, the UK, Turkey, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and Portugal, as well as non-academic institutional participants. Oxfords participation involves work on the conceptual framework and on methods for the study of non-western IR and the global study of political ideas.

Selected Recent Publications

Power transitions, global justice and the virtues of pluralism Ethics and International Affairs 27, 2 (2013): 1-17.

(with Terry Macdonald) Global Public Power: the subject of principles of global political legitimacy, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 15, 5 (December 2012): 553-571.

Rcits dmergence: la fin du Tiers Monde? Critique internationale, 56 (July/August 2012): 17-38. Brazilian version in Revista Brasileira de Economia Poltica 33, 2 (April/June 2013): 203-221.

Power Transitions, Emerging Powers and the Shifting Terrain of the Middle Ground, to appear in Cornelia Navari ed., Middle Ground Ethics (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming 2013). Chinese version to appear in Zheijang University Journal of International Relations.

Kant and Intervention Revisited, in Jennifer Welsh and Stefano Recchia eds., Just and Unjust Military Intervention (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013): 196-218.

(with Sandeep Sengupta), Emerging Powers, North-South Relations and Global Climate Politics, International Affairs 88, 3 (2012): 463-484.

The Theory and Practice of Global Governance: The Worst of All Possible Worlds?, International Studies Review 13, 1 (2011): 144-154.

Rising Powers and the Emerging Global Order, to appear in John Bayliss, Steve Smith and Patricia Owens eds., The Globalization of World Politics (8th edition, forthcoming OUP, 2013).

Effective Multilateralism and Global Order, to appear in Jochen Prantl ed., Effective Multilateralism. Through the Looking Glass of Asia (Palgrave forthcoming). Shorter version to appear in Global Governance 19,2 (October 2013).

(with Terry Macdonald), Ethics and Norms in International Relations, in Walter Carlsnaes, Thomas Risse and Beth A. Simmons eds.,Handbook of International Relations (second edition London, Sage: 2013): 57-84.

Order and Justice, in Cornelia Navari ed, International Studies Associations English School Study Guide to be published by John Wiley, 2013.

New introduction to 4th Edition of Hedley Bull, The Anarchical Society (New York: Palgrave, 2012).

Probing the institutional fabric of world politics: Hedley Bulls The Anarchical Society, in Peter Wilson and Caspar Sylvest eds, Classics of International Relations (London/New York: Routledge, 2013): 138-147.